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Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy provided below is specifically tailored to the website https// Information about the limits and commitments of the site’s privacy policy is given below.

Who we are

Our website address is


When our visitors visit our site and leave comments under any of our content, we are able to view the IP addresses of the visitor on accordance with some privacy and security requirements. We are entitled to display this information in order to ensure that comments with spam content are not published and to ensure that users who share spam content are banned from the site.


All movements of users on are recorded and stored regularly. These log files are not used for storing personal information. These files are used to examine the internet experience of site visitors and to improve these internet experiences. Some statistical data are collected about the type of users entering the website through the technology called cookies. In addition, information is collected about the methods by which the site is visited.

Additional Services constantly adds new services and content. You may be prompted by the system to run or activate this service when a new service is added. Whether you give this permission is entirely your decision and it is your responsibility.

Personal Data Privacy

All personal data stored on is in no way shared with anyone. The site is committed to all its users. Any playing correction or modification cannot be performed on the information such as name, last name, IP and site login method.


The site carries out personal data exchange only as per the principles of advertising. Anyone accepting advertising permissions is deemed to have accepted this sharing. This share is generally included with virtual addresses such as the e-mail address and IP address of the contact.